Husband struggles to walk after wearing wife’s pants to spite her

A Nigerian husband whose wife regularly wears his boxers decides to spite her by wearing her pants to a wedding, only to regret his choice.

A TikTok user identified as @princesselly23 shared a video showcasing the man’s preparation, displaying his accessories, outfit, and the underwear he intended to wear.

Husband struggles to walk after wearing wife's pants to spite her

The following scene depicted his difficulty walking comfortably in his wife’s pants, while his wife chuckled at his predicament from behind.

The man’s amusing action garnered attention from many online users who laughed at the unnecessary drama he put himself in.

Reactions as husband wears wife’s pants to a wedding party

user4385327486014 noted: “You sef allow this man boxers rest. “All he wanted was a revenge.”

Solexbrown stated: “When you are dressing think about what if u faint or even die , no let hospital attendants begin laugh when they suppose Dey serous Dey mourn.” 

Ibe Miracle wrote: “So, why are you telling me now. “I’m happy for you oh. “This single life shaa, e pain me today. “I no even get who wan pull am, not to talk of person wey go wear am.”

Eziagbo penned: “Honestly, marriage is very very sweet with the right person. This is true definition of iam with you always.”

Watch the video below …


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