Hundreds of yahoo boys seen heading to ‘special river’ for blessings as directed by native doctor (Video)

A group of young individuals suspected to be yahoo boys were seen visiting a special river in hopes of gaining the blessings of a deity.

The incident, caught on camera and shared on social media, has sparked outrage and condemnation from various quarters.

Reportedly guided by a native doctor, these alleged internet fraudsters embarked on a pilgrimage to a designated river, carrying a collection of items including candles, handkerchiefs, and oil.

The purpose behind this bizarre endeavor was to beseech the river god to bestow blessings upon their illicit “yahoo business,” as it’s commonly known.

The video showcases a sizable group of young men, walking together towards the river’s location, united by their belief in the promised prosperity.

Once at the riverbank, the individuals were observed lighting candles and reciting incantations in accordance with the guidance provided by the native doctor.

The footage also captured the moment when the spiritualist, presumably the same native doctor, delivered instructions and encouragement to the group.

The video was shared on social media platform Twitter by a prominent user known as @chude__, who used the platform to criticize both the fraudulent activities being pursued by these young men and the dangerous reliance on ritual practices.

“These are the young people that are going back to Omenani, internet scammers doing all sorts of things with the hope of prosperity promised to them by fraudulent native doctors. When we are done deceiving ourselves, we will go into the street and meet these monsters we made,” he wrote.

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