“How you do am?” – Reactions as Paul Okoye shocks fans with unbelievable basketball shot (Video)

Nigerian international music sensation, Paul Okoye, widely known as King Rudy of the renowned PSquare, has recently captured the attention of social media users with a remarkable display of his basketball prowess.

The artist’s basketball skills video went viral, leaving fans in awe of his ability to sink a shot from over 12 feet away with his back turned to the rim.

Paul Okoye shocks fans with unbelievable basketball shot
Paul Okoye. Photo Credit: @iamkingrudy Source: Instagram

Prior to the release of this viral basketball clip, Paul Okoye had already generated considerable online buzz when he shared an incident involving himself and fellow music icon Davido.

The interaction between the two stars had quickly become a topic of discussion, further increasing the anticipation surrounding Paul Okoye’s latest video.

Paul Okoye shocks fans with unbelievable basketball shot
Photo of Paul Okoye playing basketball. Photo Credit: @iamkingrudy Source: Instagram

In the captivating footage, King Rudy, also known for his hit track “Busy Body,” demonstrated his mastery of the hoop as he stepped away from the basketball ring.

With a nonchalant flair, he confidently executed a shot with his back facing the rim, astonishing viewers with his accuracy and precision.

Following the video’s release, social media platforms erupted with reactions and debates.

Some individuals questioned whether Paul Okoye had successfully made the shot on his first attempt, suggesting that it might have required several takes.

Others dared the artist to recreate the feat during a live session, eager to witness his remarkable skills firsthand.

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