“How my boss discouraged my husband from dating me” – Helen Paul opens up

Popular Nigerian comedienne Helen Paul opened up about personal challenges, revealing that her boss had attempted to discourage her husband from marrying her and even disparaged her character in his presence.

During an interview on The Honest Bunch podcast, Helen shared the shocking revelation about the interference in her marital affairs.

The comedienne, happily married to Femi Bamisile and blessed with three sons and a daughter, shared the incident openly.

According to Helen, her boss went to the extent of calling her husband, Femi Bamisile, to express concerns about their relationship.

“My boss called my husband to say, ‘Femi, is it that kind of Helen you want to date? You’re more than this,'” Helen said during the podcast.

She further disclosed that her husband’s response to the interference was both humorous and firm.

“And he said, ‘No, if you want to just enjoy yourself with her, it’s OK o,'” Helen added.

The comedienne continued to share another incident that occurred when she introduced her husband to her workplace at TVC.

Helen recalled the disapproval she faced from her Human Resources (HR) department.

“I took Femi to my own office then in TVC. My HR looked at Femi and said, ‘Look at how clean you are, a lawyer, why the choice of Helen?,” she said.

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