How I lost my job, wife, sight in six months following accident — Man narrates tear-jerking story (Video)

A heartbroken man shares an emotional account of his life-altering experience following a devastating accident in 2018that caused his wife to abandon him.

According to the businessman identified as Cosmas Otwori Julius, his life took a drastic turn, leaving him feeling lost and unsupported as he wandered through the darkness.

How I lost my job, wife, sight in six months following accident — Man narrates tear-jerking story (Video)
Cosmas Otwori Julius narrating his life experience to Kenyan media. Credit: Tuco / Youtube

In an interview with Kenyan widely read media, TUKO, Julius recounted that the accident happened after he had finished a meeting with a client in the afternoon.

“There was a miscommunication between the oncoming car and another car joining the main road from a petrol station. All I remember was waking up in a hospital in pain. My leg was fractured and felt heavy like I had a log on it. Three discs had issues, and my neck was out of position,” he stated.

While he was in the hospital, his beloved wife vanished without a trace and swept his house clean leaving him to suffer both financial debt and profound sadness all by himself.

Cosmas Otwori Julius
Cosmas Otwori Julius smiling while chatting with a notable Kenyan media. Credit: Tuco / Youtube

Speaking about his wife abandoning him and moving out with their children, Cosmas stated;

“I tried to call her, but she refused to pick up my calls. I called my in-laws, who called me their son, but they also never picked up. Only my parents picked up and encouraged me. Before losing my wife and kids, my company terminated my contract. I believe that triggered my wife to leave me,” he said.

Otwori mentioned that his wife only contacted him when their daughter fell ill and required his credit card to seek medical treatment.

“She doesn’t even ask how I am doing or how I have been. She says the girl is sick and needs medical attention,” Otwori emphasized.

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