How I embarrassed a Twitter troll who showed up at my party – Tolani Baj

Ex Big Brother Naija housemate and Reality TV star and a disc jockey, Tolani Baj, has shared how she handled a Twitter troll who had the audacity to attend her party.

Tolani Baj

The DJ recounted meeting the lady in question at a club where she brazenly used Tolani’s shisha without any introduction or greeting.

After the lady was done using it, she returned it to Tolani, who wiped it and continued using.

The lady called her rude for wiping the shisha while Tolani was baffled as to why someone would act that way towards something she paid for.

Later, while searching her name on Twitter, Tolani stumbled upon derogatory remarks made by the same lady and made note of her face.

On the day of her party, Tolani was shocked to see the same lady in attendance and questioned who had invited her.

Tolani was incensed that someone who disliked her would attend her party and proceeded to cause a scene by calling security.

Watch the video below: