“How do we celebrate” – Veekee James asks ‘VJ Army’ as she is set to mark hitting one million followers on IG

Famous fashion designer, Veekee James is ecstatic to be celebrating with her fans “VJ Army” after reaching the notable milestone of one million Instagram followers.

After announcing that she had reached one million Instagram followers, the fashion designer asked her fans, “VJ Army” for advice on how to celebrate.

Veekee James
Veekee James

She stated that their commandant, which is herself, will not just keep mute after hitting 1M followers as they are aware she is not like that.

She further requested suggestions on what they should do to celebrate.

Her post reads: “VJ Army ❤️❤️ I hope y’all are not thinking your Commandant will just keep mute after we hit
IM. Y’all know I’m not like that😅. Start suggesting what we should do to celebrate it I’m ready💯”

Captioning her post, she wrote: “I have something in mind but let me hear from you my VJ Army! How do y’all want us to celebrate 🎉”

Check out some suggestions from her fans

progressofficial_ stated: “Dashing Progress 1million won’t be a bad idea o😍”

peacie_ojay suggested: “Fashion school scholarship”

pecumat_foods said: “Visibility for small business owners 😍😍”


Veekee James set to celebrate hitting one million followers with her fans, VJ Army