“How copying Mr Ibu, Charles Inojie landed me a comedy career” – Nasboi

Content creator Nasboi has attributed his comic ability to the influence of seasoned Nollywood comedians like Charles Inojie, Francis Odega, and Mr Ibu.

The 33-year-old comedian disclosed in a recent interview that in addition to picking up tips from his peers, he also sought advice from seasoned performers who had a big impact on his career.

Nasboi made it clear that he was grateful for the older comedians regardless of their age.

“I don’t restrict myself to only my age grade. I love veterans a lot because they inspired me. I learnt how to be funny by watching the likes of John Okafor, aka Mr. Ibu; Charles Inojie, and Frank Odega. I learnt some gestures from them, so I will always respect them. I am also friends with some of them,” he said.

“How copying Mr Ibu, Charles Inojie landed me a comedy career” – Nasboi
Content creator, Nasboi. source: Google

Speaking about how social media affected his career, Nasboi said that it was crucial in propelling him to stardom.

He emphasized how simple it is to demonstrate skill and earn a living online, pointing to social media as a useful tool that helped him launch his acting and directing careers.

The content producer emphasized social media’s educational and economic benefits as reasons why budding stars should make use of it.

Social media has helped my career in several ways. I am sure many people would not have known me if not for social media. Going online to showcase myself is easy. All I just need to do is act and make money online.

It is now easy to make money online, as long as one has the talent. Social media helped to kick-start my career in directing, acting and promoting my content without disturbing everyone. Forget about the negativity it (social media) brings, one can easily learn a lot and make money from it, Nasboi added.