“How come you don’t know the size of my finger?” – Lady asks as boyfriend proposes with new car, iPhone 15 Pro Max

A Nigerian lady sparked a buzz as her boyfriend proposed to her with a brand new car, accompanied by a iPhone 15 Pro Max, shoes, and other lavish gifts.

In the video, the man covered his

girlfriend’s eyes, leading her outside an eatery to reveal the new car.

"How come you don't know the size of my finger?" - Lady asks as boyfriend proposes with new car, iPhone 15 Pro Max
Nigerian lady.

The lady, in the midst of onlookers, thoroughly inspected the car’s body, tires, and interior, discovering an iPhone 15 Pro Max, balloons, and various packages inside.

Amidst the spectacle, the boyfriend knelt down, presented a ring, and asked for her hand in marriage.

Her response, questioning if he knew her ring size, generated attention on social media, with users sharing their reactions in the comments.

See some reactions below: 

@sivosnoop:I wonder if she really do not know all this drama is so unnecessary and embarrassing.”

@Drkhadeejah_: “Gifts are more important than proposal to this one. He will learn. I don’t pity him.”

@Ameen_Gote: “I swear the girl na big mummy 😡 she seriously vex me. Why you go Dey check engine oil when he is proposing to you with a brand new car, iPhone and other gift.”

@maji_san:Man Naa him do man ooo. That’s why it’s a call for all men to work hard cos this generation it’s hard for your fellow man to come through for you. Back then in the university I could remember my lecturer boldly say that him he is gender sensitive.”


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