How can a woman bleeding and wearing pad be a prophetess – Evang. Ebuka Obi

Evangelist Ebuka Obi ridicules the idea of a prophetess praying for men while addressing them as an ‘error’ that must be corrected.

The founder of The Zion Prayer Movement Outreach (ZPMOM) made this known during a church session recently held at his auditorium.

Evang. Ebuka Obi

According to Evangelist Ebuka Obi who spoke in Igbo language, it is a berating practice for women who are prophetesses to have spiritual authority over men in the church.

Ebuka further went into detail by mocking women for being unholy during their menstruation cycle and shouldn’t be anywhere near the altar or laying hands on men for prayer.

In a loose translation, he said in part, “How can a woman bleeding and wearing pad be laying hands on a man to pray for them while claiming they are Prophetesses, they are just women being disturbed by demons. Such error must be corrected.”

The video has since generated a wave of reactions from social media users who lambasted him for being misogynistic while others defended him with the claim that the video was taken out of context to tarnish the image of the man of God.

Watch the video below …

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