“How a lady cheated on her fiance just to raise money for their wedding” – Man shares alleged true-life story

A Nigerian man Victor Asemota has shared a true-life story about a lady who went to extreme lengths to raise money for her wedding, resorting to cheating on her husband-to-be.

Asemota, who claimed to know the couple personally, expressed his bewilderment at the lady’s actions.

The young man took to Twitter to recount the perplexing incident, expressing his disbelief and stating that even to this day, he struggles to comprehend the rationale behind the woman’s actions.

The disclosure was prompted by a post from another Twitter user who revealed that his girlfriend had been unfaithful while ostensibly assisting him in his search for internships and jobs.

Chai!!! I will say that I have seen this but never understood it. A lady was cheating on her groom to fund their wedding. That thing still does my head in,” Asemota wrote.

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