Housemaid who cannot swim dives into pool to save boss’s child, receives accolades

A housemaid puts her life on the line to save her boss's son in a swimming despite not knowing how to swim.

A devoted housemaid in Johannesburg goes above and beyond her duties by diving into a swimming pool to rescue her boss’s child despite not knowing how to swim.

A video showcasing the heroic actions of a house help garners thousands of reactions on social media, many commending her extraordinary courage.

Housemaid who cannot swim dives into pool to save boss's child, receives accolades

A Tiktok user identified as Bowzer took to the platform to recount how his housemaid saved the life of his son who almost drowned in a pool in 2015.

While showering her accolades, the young man wished a quick recovery for the house help who is supposedly struggling with their health.

“2015 my helper jumped into the pool to save my boy and she can’t even swim. Loves my kids like her own and we love her just as much. Get better soon Sontho,” the boss wrote.

Reactions trailing video of the housemaid saving the child from the pool

Keorapetse opined: “The nanny I got, I treat her like family because she takes care of my kids and whenever I pray I put her in my prayers also.”

keeleng87 said: “May God bless her.”

siborose wrote: “To have someone looking after your kids like her own is a blessing.”

Bongiwe_khabazela commented: “The baby doesn’t even want to let her go.”

lungstar334 added: “Wonderful, you are lucky to have her.”

Charlene Munashe said: “They are our babies as well, any danger or harm we think of them first and forget what we can’t do.”

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