Horrifying moment lady confronts trader for adding sniper to stockfish

A shocking and terrifying incident unfolded as a lady confronted a trader for allegedly adding Sniper, a potent pesticide, to stockfish.

While a lady was shopping in the market, she encountered a stockfish trader who was adding a deadly pesticide to his stockfish.

Horrifying moment lady confronts trader for adding sniper to stockfish

When she complained and asked him why he was adding the pesticide to food, he retorted by telling her to either leave or buy from the other pile of stockfish because he had not yet added the deadly pesticide.

The trader claimed that all the stockfish in the country have Sniper added to them and asserted that he was experienced in the business.

She pleaded with him not to use the substance on food, emphasizing its health risks and potential to cause death. The video sparked outrage among online users.

See some reactions below:

j_.osh said: “She for even call the attention of 2-3 other person. I feel it’s not real sniper 😂 cos wtf”

iamorazdave stated: “na why kidney failure plenty”

looooola658 opined: “They really don’t care 🤷🏽‍♀️”

kematkeys revealed: “They add this to beans also. Majority of them .Na God Dey save person”

officialjpbrown asked: “Is this lack of education or pure wickedness 😢😢”

annytee2020 claimed: “I literally feel the taste of insecticide inside all stock fish,thank God have never liked them it’s over hyped abeg, pls give me my fresh fish that’s okay for me”