Hilarious moment as SA to Akwa Ibom state governor creates a scene while taking covid 19 vaccines (video)

A special adviser to the governor of Akwa Ibom state was seen in a hilarious viral video taking his covid 19 vaccines.

Akwa Ibom Covid vaccines

It appears that the special adviser is afraid of needles piercing his body.

Prior to this day, Nigeria received 3.92 million doses of the covid 19 vaccines developed by the University of Oxford.

Fortunately, as protection against the covid 19 viruses, the Nigerian government and those who are at a higher risk of contracting the virus are expected to take its vaccination.

But trouble lurks around for the special adviser as the vaccines are to be given via needles.

In the video, he was seen screaming as the needle approached close to his skin. And in the course of the event, he falls off his chair in an effort to avoid the needle.

Watch the hilarious video:

Here are hilarious comments of the viral video:

Akwa Ibom Covid vaccines Akwa Ibom Covid vaccines




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