“He’s lazy, doesn’t want to do anything” – Woman cries out over husband’s refusal to work, seeks divorce

A woman named Latifat AbdulYekeen has sought the dissolution of her marriage, citing her husband’s reluctance to work as the primary reason for the marital discord.

The plaintiff, Latifat, appeared before the court to present her case against her husband, Abdulsalam.

According to Latifat, despite her father’s persistent efforts to secure employment for Abdulsalam, he has consistently refused to work.

"He's lazy, doesn't want to do anything" - Woman cries out as husband refuses to work, seeks divorce

She expressed her frustration in court. Latifat claimed that the lack of a steady income made it challenging for them to afford proper nourishment, leading to malnourishment for both herself and their child.

Latifat further revealed that her husband had a preference for contractual work over regular employment, as it provided quick monetary gains without the associated stress of a conventional job.

She lamented that her father’s attempts to intervene and secure a job for Abdulsalam had been futile, resulting in financial difficulties and a decline in their overall well-being.

“My father had tried on many occasions to get a job for my husband, but he refused to honor his invitation each time he called him.

“He does not want to get a job. Rather, he prefers contracts that will fetch him quick money without much stress.

“His stubborn attitude has caused us a lot, as we hardly eat good food at home, which has made me and our baby to grow thin and look unkempt.

“I left the house four months ago and nobody has asked after me. That is why I want the court to separate us and grant me custody of my child,” the woman said.

Presiding over the case, Judge Hammad Ajumobi acknowledged a person’s right to choose their employment path and associates.

However, he urged the petitioner to make an effort to understand her husband’s perspective. The respondent, Abdulsalam, reportedly communicated to the court about being involved in an accident, rendering him unable to attend the hearing.

Consequently, Judge Ajumobi adjourned the case until January 9 for further proceedings, allowing both parties an opportunity to present their arguments and evidence.

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