“He’ll not go scot-free” – Lady heartbroken as boyfriend of 7 years is set to wed another lady

A heartbroken lady recounts how she discovered that her boyfriend of seven years is secretly planning to marry another woman.

The embattled girlfriend took to a relationship platform to reveal that she had been with her guy right from their secondary school days; had catered and cared for his needs.

"He'll not go scot-free" – Lady heartbroken as boyfriend of 7 years is set to wed another lady According to her, she had found out about the secret wedding through his phone on his friends WhatsApp status.

Pained by his betrayal, she vowed not to let him go scot-free without doing anything about it.

She wrote:

“Good evening sis
Plz can you post this for me?
Keep me anonymous please

My bf is getting married next weekend. The problem is he is not getting married to me. Hmmmm, I’m broken right now but I’m trying to stay calm as if everything is ok.
This is a guy I’ve dated for 7years. We started dating in shs through to Uni but he has left me for someone at his work place
What pains me is that I use to give him part of my provisions in shs and even cook for him in uni since we went to the same school

Heeerrr, this boy is a liar and pretender. He thinks I don’t know he’s getting married. This is a girl I caught him cheating on me with for several times but he denied it
He left my house just this morning after spending last night with me oo

How I found out?
He left his phone and went to the washroom. A friend of his has used his invitation as his status so I wanted to see his friend’s status and I saw it
How I managed to keep calm only God knows

I’m thinking of paying him back for this
He’ll not go Scot free. I swear”.

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