Heartbroken lady weeps after boyfriend of 6 years cheats with her best friend

A Nigerian lady is inconsolable upon discovering that her serious boyfriend of 6 years cheated and got her best friend pregnant.

The lady who could not hold back the stream of tears explained the situation woefully.

According to her, she had been dating the boy for over 6 years and in the course of the relationship, she gave him freedom to do whatever he wanted.

However, what shocked her was the discovery that he was also sleeping with her best friend and he even got her pregnant.

Heartbroken lady weeps after boyfriend of 6 years cheated with her best friend

She claimed she herself was ready to get pregnant and be a baby mama to him but he refused, stating it wasn’t the right time for them and he wanted them to be legally married first.

To her greatest shock, she discovered he had gotten her best friend pregnant and the betrayal from the two individuals really hurt her.

The lady revealed that she really loved him and was even going to be content being the one to have the baby for him.

However, because he was so heartless to put her through such heartbreak, she cursed him, saying he will never find peace in his life.

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