Heartbreaking moment rainfall destroys wedding decorations worth millions

A viral video captures a heartbreaking moment rainfall accompanied with a forceful wind destroys wedding decorations allegedly worth millions.

Just when the couples of the wedding were about to make an entrance, the rain began and destroyed all the decorations set up for the occasion, leaving the guests and organizers frustrated.

Heartbreaking moment rain destroyed wedding decorations worth millions

Though their efforts were obviously fruitless, some guys could be seen clinging on some of the decorations to keep them from collapsing.

The caption on the video read: “Rain destroyed the wedding decorations even before couples could dance after spending millions.”

Read netizens reactions that followed…

Big Bramo said: “It’s really heartbreaking to experience. Meanwhile their exes be like (karma)”

Prince Charles reacted: “Heartbreaking…na why dem dey rent men wey dey hold rain”

Nwachukwu Confidence noted: “The pain can’t be forgotten”

Oma asked: “Them marry Abi them no marry?”

nodafaithful stated: “Na why rich people dey rent hall 💔💔💔no matter the capacity of the crowd”

Armani said: “This is one of the reasons why weddings should take place during the harmattan season. Just wind and dry lips.”