“He was dead for 4 days” – Young man recounts how his father miraculously came back to life after drowning

A young man has shared a personal story regarding his father’s near-death situation, which occurred on March 9th, 2000, when he had drowned.

Despite undergoing various attempts to revive him, he was declared dead. However, due to limited mortuary space, his body was temporarily placed outside the mortuary.

Surprisingly, on March 12th, 2000, his father was resuscitated, and has been alive ever since.

@ibedex_1 wrote:

“My dad drowned in a river 9th March 2000, he was confirmed d@ad… after so many trials to revive him back, but to no avail…. he was then carried to a mortuary… arriving at the mortuary there was no space, everywhere was filled up…. he was kept outside of the mortuary…

“Lo and behold on the 12th of March 2000, my dad was restored back to life by God almighty… miracles do happen &, long story short… my dad is still alive till today.”

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