“He thought we can’t do without him” – Single mother makes it big after getting abandoned by partner

A single mother of one has made it big years after getting abandoned by her babydaddy who thought she couldn’t do without him.

In a video posted via her official account @pepperrqueen2, she shared her journey of resilience after being abandoned by her partner when her son was still a baby.

Their before and after photos showed them standing before their costly car and looking so eye-catching.

She wrote; “When he thinks we can’t do without him.”
Netizens stormed the comments section to shower the woman with praises for her resilience.

@cixxw5 reacted: “Every story has two sides fam. I’ve witnessed my aunt who was always giving her husband wahala all the time and she will come back home claiming.”

@Emma_Nuella commented: “Ladies and gentlemen. We have a winner.”

@user3370454763016 reacted: “Sabi leta he will come back to apologise, thunder will fire some men.”

@Toks~込W commented: “Your before is better than my present-My skin hasn’t come back to normal since I gave birth Motherhood is not for the weak. proudly a CS Mom.”

@Getrude Vanessah Ndhlovu reacted: “Big cheers to single mothers we love you big time.”

@Cindy Ann reacted: “God pls bless every single mother’s Amen. I can’t forget what my mum went through when I was little but now am happily married and she is enjoying it.”

Watch the video below:


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