“He saved my life” – Man healed by TB Joshua comes out to defend him amidst allegations

A man has surfaced to vehemently support the beleaguered prophet TB Joshua, claiming that the deceased church leader saved his life.

The individual, Benfil, stated that he was given a chronic osteomyelitis diagnosis in 2009 in a post that was visible on X.

Benfil said that he was healed after going to the Synagogue Church of All Nations, or SCOAN.

He claimed that in light of the unfolding discoveries from a BBC documentary, he felt obligated to tell about the excellent thing God had done for him at TB Joshua’s church.

"He saved my life" - Man healed by TB Joshua comes out to defend him amidst allegations
TB joshua, former founder of SCOAN. source: Google

Benfil said: “In 2009, I faced a daunting diagnosis of chronic osteomyelitis, with the possibility of losing my thigh to amputation. Desperate for a solution, I visited the Synagogue Church of All Nations and sought healing from the late Prophet T.B. Joshua. Contrary to claims of fake miracles, my firsthand experience was transformative. Not only did I find spiritual support, but I witnessed the philanthropic side of Joshua, who played a vital role in providing scholarships and education to many. Thanks to his spiritual intervention, my dire medical situation took a positive turn, and I am grateful for the impact he had on my life. I respect this man. Please Let’s allow the dead to rest in peace.”

He said in a follow-up post with a video: “I feel compelled to speak out against the online accusations and name-calling targeting a man of God who played a significant role in transforming my life, saving me from a chronic bone infection, preventing amputation, and overall, saving my life. Remaining silent doesn’t mean appreciation for the miracles God has worked through TB Joshua; I believe it’s important to share my testimony, regardless of others’ beliefs or doubts.” 

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