“He proposed in 3 months” – Single mother of 2 in tears as she finds love again

A single mother of two to different fathers at 23 gets emotional as she finds love again to a new lover who proposed and reportedly married her.

The woman identified as @lunambk on TikTok, narrated how she met her future husband after receiving an invitation to her friend’s business dinner, sparking a relationship between them.

"He proposed in 3 months" - Single mother of 2 in tears as she finds love again

Remarkably, after three months, he proposed, and within just six months of their initial meeting, they joyfully tied the knot.

The single mother highlighted the most significant aspect of their union, expressing gratitude for her husband’s unconditional love for her two children as if they were his own.

She further alleged that they have since welcomed a child together, and their life is filled with happiness.

In her words;

“I got out of different relationship, that broke me and I was left as a single mother at 23. With two beautiful children with different fathers, society, family and church left me. Became homeless with my kids until one day I got invited to my friend’s business dinner.

“When a gentleman offered to give me a ride, then we later started a relationship, and he proposed to me 3 months after and we got married 6 months of being together and we bought a house and driving into Tesla. “Here’s the best part, he loves my kids like his and we had one other baby together. Now tell me God isn’t real.”

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