“He needs it for taxi” – Drama as housemaid asks her madam to buy new car for her boyfriend

A Nigerian woman found herself in disbelief when her housemaid made an unexpected request for assistance, asking her to help get a car for her boyfriend.

The story began when Twitter user @nazom_ngini posed a thought-provoking question to netizens, asking if anyone had ever encountered a request that left them questioning the image they projected and why someone would assume they’d be comfortable with such a favor.

@nazom_ngini  wrote;

“Has anyone ever made you an offer, or asked you for a favour that left you wondering, “what kind of image have I been putting out and why did they assume this was something I’d be comfortable with?”

This query prompted a multitude of responses, including one that stood out.

In a now-viral tweet, the woman shared her own astonishing experience.

In the woman’s words;

One time, my domestic wanted me to buy a car for her boyfriend to use as taxi. I was like wow, God please.”

The unexpected plea caught the attention of Twitter users and quickly gained traction.

The tweet, which was shared and commented upon by numerous people, elicited a mix of laughter, empathy, and curiosity from Netizens.

Netizens Reactions…

@TheRotimi_ said; “The day someone on here asked me where they could buy a gun I had a sit down with myself, I talked it out.”

@RareJem__ commented; “When someone asked me to borrow them 950k to start business.”

@CecezSecret said; “Someone asked me to pay for his masters that he’d pay me back after he graduates. I was dumbfounded.” 

@Geralld_95 said; “My guy that was traveling to Poland called me one time and ask me to borrow him 800k. I think say na glitch.” 

See below;

"He needs it for Taxi" - Drama as housemaid asks her madam to buy new car for her boyfriend

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