“He is yet to give us a dime for Ojapiano” – Igwe Credo calls out Kcee over alleged debt

Igwe Credo, the mastermind of Ojapiano sound has called out Nigerian singer, Kcee and his brother, E-money over alleged debt.

He said in a recent interview that he had only been given 500,000 naira in total and that he had not been fairly compensated for Kcee utilising his sound.

Igwe Credo

Igwe Credo gave an account of how Kcee and his group had accommodated him in a hotel.

He did, however, add that at one point, he and his crew had to pay for their meals and travel costs out of their pockets.

Nigerian singer, Kcee

They received 200,000 Naira from Kcee, who also promised to pay them more money later, but he never did.

Furthermore, he revealed that everyone, including members of Kcee’s crew, advised him to focus on developing new music and getting viral himself rather than waiting for income from KCee.

His main desire to KCee, however, was not for financial benefit. He expressed a desire for fame and attention, hoping that Kcee would assist him in gaining exposure and recognition so that he could compose and promote his music.

Regrettably, Kcee did not comply with this request, instead instructing him to pay the bloggers himself, despite the fact that he lacked the requisite finances.

Igwe Kwedu is upset because he feels he hasn’t received enough money from Kcee for using his Ojapiano sound, which attracted notice from all over the world and brought in a sizable sum income for Kcee.

Watch interview below:

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