“He has my kind of voice” – Brain Jotter speaks on colleague, OGB ‘copying’ him

Famous Nigerian skit maker, Brain Jotter finally reacts to claims that his colleague, OGB Recent is copying his style of comedy.

in a recent episode of the Real Life Talk podcast, the anchor, Ivie Naomi enquired of the comedian what he thought about the widespread speculations that his fellow skit maker, OGB Recent is copying his style of comedy.

Brain jotter ogb recent copying
Comedian, Brain Jotter.

Responding to this, Brain Jotter dismissed the claims that the comedian was copying his style.

Although, he admitted that to some extent he feels that the comedian somewhat has his kind of voice, but then the derivation of inspiration from the work of another person, he says, cannot be considered to be ‘copying’.

Brain Jotter said …

“OGB is not copying me. I know him personally. He is my man to an extent. But I don’t know what you guys mean by copying me. I’ve never actually come out to say he’s copying me. I feel like he has my kind of voice but I don’t really think he’s copying me.”

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