Hardworking mother carries triplets at once, stirs reactions (Video)

In a heartwarming TikTok video shared by @olamilekanojay, a dedicated mother showcased her impressive skill of carrying all three of her young triplets at once.

At first, she wrapped two of the children onto her back using a single piece of cloth after which she expertly used a baby carrier to secure her third child in front of her, creating a perfect and secure arrangement.

Hardworking mother carries her triplets at once, stirs reactions (Video)
Mother of triplets carrying all three at once
Photo Credit: @olamilekanojay Source: Tiktok

The video captured the adorable sight of the three baby girls, adorned with cute pink bow-like head ties, peacefully sleeping, unaware of the attention they were receiving from admirers.

Onlookers couldn’t help but admire the mother’s incredible ability to effortlessly carry her trio of little ones. Their voices were filled with praise and wonder as they commended her for her strength and multitasking skills.

Mother of triplets carrying all three at once
Photo Credit: @olamilekanojay Source: Tiktok

Netizens lauded the mother as a resilient and formidable woman, while others marveled at the blessings and rarity of having triplets.

Reacting to the video, @Salma said: ”I think this lady can solve Nigerian problems… Mom of all nations”.

@Aderibigbe Kemi said: “God bless them for you; you will eat the fruit of your labour, IJMN”.

@distinct.897 said: “Motherhood is not easy. May God help you”.

@Ada Asamma said: “I tap into the beautiful blessing ijn Amen, triplets boys”.

@EstherEniyandunni said: “This is amazing; | pray that God, in his infinite mercy, provides all the resources needed to take care of these beautiful gifts for you in Jesus’ mighty”.

@user26160360800 said: “SuSupermom.been struggling with my twins, but now they are grown-up girls”

Watch the video below:


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