“Guy went from 59 to 29” – Kcee trends as video of him without filter sparks reactions

The well-known “Limpopo” hitmaker Kcee, has gone viral after a video of him without his usual filter went viral online.

In the video, Kcee was seen doing his hair, his natural skin tone—which included dark patches, hyperpigmentation, and acne—was displayed.

Netizens have reacted strongly to this news, mostly because Kcee is frequently pictured on social media with perfectly smooth skin in photos that have been worked on.

There were a lot of comments on Kcee’s raw photo compared to his typical manicured image on social media. He appears older than his actual age, some internet users said, and some even accused him of skin-whitening.

"Guy went from 59 to 29" - Kcee trends as video of him without filter sparks reactions
Kcee, Nigerian singer. source: Google

The discrepancy between his real and online personas has gained significant attention and sparked a discourse over the veracity of social media portrayals.

Some, meanwhile, backed Kcee in the face of the criticism, pointing out that the public has become so used to Photoshopped photographs that the reality of genuine skin has become unrecognizable.

Kcee hasn’t officially addressed these criticisms and remarks on his performance in the video as of yet. Watch the video and leave a comment below.

@high_maintenance44 wrote: “Baba still fresh”.

@_young_becca_ wrote: “Normally fair guys aren’t that attractive not to talk of the ones that are bleaching.”

vk_luxe_ wrote: “Kcee don Dey use Jenny’s glow”.

chiddynwa wrote: “He looks okay to me…I know Kcee isn’t a small boy na”.

tonycret7 wrote: “Too much bleaching cream no good”.

olaitanadewuyi_official wrote: “Thank God for filters. People just Dey cast anyhow.”

jasmine_precious wrote: “Abeg nobody has it all, yall should rest shuu..”

callme_tessy wrote: “Guy went from 59 to 29 real quick”.

bibi_whyte wrote: “I can’t even believe it was him.”

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