“Government should ban DNA test” — Lady fumes as neighbor discovers daughters are not his

Lady asks Nigerian government to ban DNA test for mental health as her neighbor finds out he is not the father of his two grown daughters he trained to university.

The lady took to her Twitter page, @BeniNitq, where she revealed the incidents that occurred in her residential neighborhood.

She claimed the father had carried out a DNA test on his children, only to discover they were not his biological children.

The man nearly ran mad upon hearing the devastating results which was what prompted her tweet.

Another Twitter user, @Nnekanwa1, contributed to the discussion, blaming the men for choosing to carry out the DNA test.

Nneka advises fathers to let sleeping dogs lie and just continue with their happy family rather than seeking out the truth about their children’s paternity.

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“Government should ban DNA test” — Lady states as her neighbor discovers he’s not the biological father of his two daughters

Netizens reactions to the post here

@magee_e15 said: “When we say married women cheat pass single ladies y’all will be arguing, because what exactly are you looking for outside? And pining another man’s child on another is one of the most inhumane thing you can ever do . Why not abort the child?”

@unicalstudents opined: “I think men should do DNA tests weeks after birth, whether there is trust or not. But if you leave it for years, just leave it.”

@bloomyb_ added: “A woman that can knowingly give u another man’s child (ren) can k!!l you. It’s not only about the paternity fraud, it’s even the emotional and psychological damage… the everlasting tr@uma”

@sandie_bgfl said: “If you ask me I think government should make it very affordable and mandatory at the point of birth for every child. Some times it’s even the hospitals fault, early DNA testing will help rectify where the error is from. Not after you’ve trained a child to university level you’ll now do the test and find out they are not yours.”