“Good things are worth waiting for” – Photographer reveals he and wife abstained from premarital sxx

A photographer identified as Godfactor Studios has taken to social media to reveal that he and his wife never had sxxual relations outside marriage.

He said that people usually make up excuses to cover their bad deeds; He cited how ladies often lament that they can’t find men who would abstain from sxx before marriage.

According to the man, if ladies make up their minds not to allow themselves to be slept with, then the men would be forced to wait.

He shared adorable photos of himself and his wife as he noted that good things are worth waiting for.

His post reads:

“You say that there are no more men that will abstain from sxx until marriage because you have made up your mind to give them sxx.

If women close their legs, men won’t sleep with trees.

People look for excuses to cover their bad deed.

Abeg, na my wife be this, I waited until our wedding night before I could do like that 🤗😊😉.

Good things are worth waiting for!!!!”