Good Samaritan rescues baby thrown into river along Badagry road by his mother (Video)

A Good Samaritan stepped in to rescue a baby who had been thrown into a river by his mother.

The incident, captured on video. The viral video shows a man emerging from the river, cradling the frightened child in his arms.

Passersby who witnessed the horrifying scene immediately rushed to the baby’s aid, ensuring his safety.

They subsequently took him to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

Upon interrogation, the mother, who appeared to be in a state of mental distress, expressed her desperation and hopelessness.

‘’Me too I am tired of the world. I cannot think of the ‘evening’ of my life. I have ended my own life. I have stopped eating. Whatever anyone wants to say let them say. That child has done his name, he has done his naming ceremony,” she said.

The baby boy, whose life was spared by the intervention of the Good Samaritan and quick-thinking passersby, is now receiving medical care and psychological support at the hospital.

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