“God, help us” – Nigerian lady raises alarm on social media as she allegedly purchased fake Golden Penny spaghetti

A beautiful Nigerian lady raised an alarm on social media after allegedly purchasing fake Golden Penny spaghetti.

In a recent video on social media captioned ‘Fake spaghetti beware, God will help us in the country ohh amen’ the lady received the nylon packaging of the spaghetti, after which she demonstrated the moment she placed it on fire.

Not long after placing it on fire, the lady revealed a substance in the same pot, claiming that it was the spaghetti turned into a liquid.

In a separate video, the same lady uploaded footage showing the spaghetti getting molded.

Meanwhile, many social media users have taken to the comments section of the post to share their thoughts after the video circulated on social media.

See some reactions below:

ŁËĞEÑĎÀŘÝ ĎÀVÝ🕊️: “Skin like milk don do miracle Wey Jesus no do she turned spaghetti to pap😂. You and bros J de do competition now.”

Bunmi: “Are you sure it’s not a failed attempt at creamy pasta?”

Mama❤️: “I don cook something like this before, guys it’s not funny.”

Slaywithjessie 👗: “I bought a macaroni like this too..I alone at faint coS Na my last 1500 I wan use chop for sch…I sha add everything drink am like that.”

Justinagabriel: “God abeg OO money and gas don waste like this.”

Perrycloset: “This is no joke I cook spaghetti yesterday this morning he don turn to water.”

jummy❤️😘: “I go first faint like 55 times 😂💔this one that one spag is now 1k.”

faithlyn micheals: “if u went to check the one in your kitchen to c of its similar gather here.”

Chi Oma💕: “I have gotten something like this before and it was in the night. I almost cried because I was very hungry.”

❤️‍🩹🫶His Baddie🫶❤️‍🩹: “Na u know watin u cook oo😭😂😂, because na this same spaghetti I cook this afternoon.”

S✨H❤️I💋K🥰E❤️‍🔥M💔I: “someone has brought this kind of spag for me before inside pot, and I was like uncle, I didn’t sell semo for you nah, I have no option than to replace.”

Elizabeth 🌹: “Not me watching this and cooking spaghetti😂😂 I quickly turn off the gas sharp sharp.”



God will help us in the country ohh amen 😤😤🙏🏾😫

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Replying to @Cynthia 💝💝💝 i have not even boiled it ohh only water inside😫😫God will save us

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