“God has silenced all my foes” – Single mom remarries 7 years after first marriage crashed

Single mom dances with joy as she remarries, 7 years after she was mocked following the crash of her first marriage with her former husband.

The happy single mom went online to share her testimony after tying the conjugal knot again.

single mom remarries first marriage crashed
Single mom.

She revealed that the first time she had gotten married, she had kids but the union had issues and things had gone south.

The single mom stated that she had to endure the mocking of foes who ridiculed her for her failed marriage.

Fortunately for her, 7 years after her first marriage crashed, she got married again and is excited to be someone’s wife.

She captioned:

“God’s time is perfect. He has ways to silencing our foes.”

Read some reactions below:

Ada nice said: “Am a single mom and no guy wants to take me serious ,I tape for your blessing”

official Caroline Nse said: “this will be me very soon”

favorite bea said: “am a single mom too and no guy wants to take me serious”

Marakriz said: “May God put our mockers to shame🥺 May he give us reasons to testify🥰🥰Big congratulations sis your home is blessed”

Watch the video below:


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