Girl who didn’t write 2024 JAMB exam reportedly gets UTME score, her result stuns many online

A surprising claim has emerged amidst the 2024 JAMB examination regarding a girl who allegedly received a UTME score despite not actually sitting for the exam.

The incident has raised concerns about the integrity of the examination process and the potential for technical glitches at exam centers.

The controversy was brought to light by Gozie, a Nigerian man who took to social media to recount the troubling experience of a girl who was unable to take her scheduled exam due to technical issues at her designated Computer-Based Test (CBT) center.

Girl who didn't write 2024 JAMB exam stuns many as she gets UTME score

According to Gozie’s Facebook post, the girl, along with other candidates, arrived at the center for a 7 am exam session only to find that all systems were malfunctioning.

Despite assurances that the issue would be resolved, the candidates were eventually instructed to return the next day.

Upon their return, the candidates were reportedly informed that nothing could be done to address the earlier technical difficulties.

However, to their astonishment, the girl, who had not taken the exam, allegedly received a UTME score of 191, comparable to those who had completed the examination.

Gozie expressed incredulity at the situation, questioning whether the result was a miraculous occurrence or a glitch within the JAMB system.

In his words;

“I’m still dumbfounded on how a person that literally wrote nothing got 191 or there about in jamb.”

“According to her, her set, which was 7am had a problem with their system.

“Their system went off, not just one but all the system, it wasn’t resolved until time for the next set to write, guess what? They where all asked to go home and come the next day.

“They came the next day,and they where told that there’s nothing that they can do for them. Now, jamb result is out, and she got 191, could this be a miracle or jamb glitch.” 

Efforts to verify the authenticity of Gozie’s claims through messages sent went unanswered at the time of reporting.

Netizens Reactions…

Gød’s Wîll said; “Me I never still see my results and this same thing you are talking about happened the previous day before I wrote mine at my jamb center.”

Caddy Spunky said; “My system went off while I wasn’t even done. After all I still managed to get 240. I think it’s a general problem. Buh they are just busy blaming the candidates.”

Sheis Assumpta ʚĭɞ said; “Asides considering jamb glitch as the problem, alot of students didn’t read and prepare this year. “GRWM as I go out” this is someone who has an incoming exam oo. Wo, everybody been de try become purple speedy… mtchew.” 

Tamara Doye said; “You know say Nigeria get many problems. Like we that are art students no believe say na we get these results but see science students results. And the glitch too, I knew those people that had glitch would automatically fail.

Slim Tie said; “Omor Dem pass well dis year sef. Imagine 2021 jamb, some dey score 21, ino even sure whether anybody score up to 300.”

Oyindamola Oreyomi said; “My system also said I did 43 questions out of 180. Cried my eyes out but people were telling it was glitch or whatever they called. At the end of the day, we sha thank God.” 

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