Ghanaian lady cries as she discovers that her online lover is a 13-year-old boy

Ghanaian lady cries out in pain in a trending video as she travels from her country to Nigeria only to discover that her lover is a 13-year-old boy who still lives with his parents.

The report was made in a video that is currently circulating on social media.

Ghanaian lady online lover Ghana 13 boy
Sad woman.

The unknown Ghanaian lady had traveled all the way from her country to come see the guy she has been chatting with.

She was broken hearted to find out that he is just 13 years and still lives with his parents.

The clip shows her sitting in a chair by the roadside, weeping and making a call.

The caption read:

“She traveled all the way from Ghana to come and see her online lover, just to discover that he is a 13 year old and still live with his parents”

Read some comments below:

monal_ia said: “She should just wait for him to grow v small”

enoiima said: “Age is just a number my dear”

soarluxurycars_abuja said: “She should be patient. He will grow”

ovayozarh said: “She didn’t cedis coming”

wonderboyode said: “She na mu hu you don’t ask your online lover where are you from what do you do for a living how old are you so you have kids are you married so no questions at all na I love you I love you una the talk no video call or you thinks say na oyibo you catch??”

oriakwudiya said; “13 yrs don dey serve breakfast for Naija like this”

fashion_magicblog said: “So the way he talks and write didn’t show his age or the real person has seen her from far and didn’t like what he saw and decided to change the game so fast”

omodollars said: “She didn’t do a video call? Is this real or a skit?”

Watch the video below: