“Genius in the making” – 3-year-old toddler leaves viewers in awe as he writes ‘tomato’ and more, including numbers (Video)

The intelligence and literacy skills of a young child became a sensation on TikTok as parents proudly showcased their toddler’s impressive writing abilities.

The video of the enthusiastic baby boy garnered over 70,000 likes and received thousands of comments from amazed viewers.

"Genius in the making" - 3-year-old toddler writes 'tomato' and more, including numbers (Video)
A photo of the toddler whose intelligence and literacy skills have taken the internet by storm. Photo Credit: @florry39 Source: TikTok

In the TikTok video, shared by proud parents @florry39, the adorable toddler showcased his talent for writing various words.

He effortlessly wrote words like “tomato,” his own name, “apple,” and even the number “1,000.”

The video captivated viewers as they marveled at the child’s advanced academic skills.

The young boy’s ability to write whatever was asked of him left viewers impressed and in awe.

It is evident that the child possesses a remarkable talent for learning and mastering literacy skills at such a tender age.

The video quickly went viral, accumulating over 950,000 views and attracting attention from a wide audience.

Many viewers expressed their admiration and astonishment in the comments section, praising the child’s intelligence and parents for nurturing his academic development.

Netizens Reactions…

@Heart said; “This one should go straight to university. I almost said he should come to my grade 12 class, but then I realised that that was disrespect to him.”

@florybabe the creator, joked; “I’m wasting his time ko creche.”

@Lethukuthula said: “Well done!”

@Rue added: “Left handed people are intelligent.

@mudzungatshivhase wrote: “Genious e . 3 yrs. Don’t forget to pray over him mommy and speak greatness over his life.”

@zendayaa.m commented; “He needs to be protected at all costs , a future leader right there”

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