Gambia beats Nigeria, Ghana and Liberia to win best jollof rice competition (Video)

In a competition organized by the Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN), Gambia wins the jollof rice competition, beating Nigeria and Ghana.

In a big cooking competition, The Gambia won against fifteen other countries.

This contest was organized by the Association of Professional Chefs Nigeria, with help from the Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN) and support from Maggi Nigeria Plc.

The West African Food Festival happened from August 9 to 14, 2023. Its goal was to show off the different ways West African countries cook.

People got to see traditional meals, go on city tours, learn from cooking classes, join contests, and enjoy performances from different countries.

During the festival, there were eight competitions where people cooked, four classes to learn new cooking tricks, and chances to taste various foods and wines.

A lot of Nigerians online seem a bit unhappy about The Gambia’s win, even though it’s not really surprising. The Gambia has done well in many Jollof rice competitions before.

This time, they won because they have a special way of cooking. They don’t always use tomatoes like the others.

Their Jollof rice recipe is interesting. They mix mustard, fish, and different flavors to make it stand out from the rest.

See some reactions below:

xaintpatrix: “Wetin lime Dey do for jollof this look like sacrifice to the gods.”

tee_inah:Either judges are biased, from Gambia or the cooks are not good enough. I take back the later let’s stick with the former lol.”

bigsmart__: “Naaaa be our best hand go there. Naaaa Government arrange am. Make wunaaaa come mama Blessing restaurant for mainland.”

sinaomoakin: “That’s ”Benachin jollof rice” i also disagree years ago to this, until i visit Gambia and have a taste of it. The best part of it was that, you can see that food free of charge. Just go out during lunch and stop by at where you see people having lunch. They will give you an enthusiastic invite to join them for lunch.”

_therealjuliet: “I just want to know what country the judges are from cos una dey whine me??”

iamslimcartel: “Nor be Hilda bachi go represent us so on behalf of Nigeria jollof association (NJA) we do NOT accept defeat.”

__sharon.xx: “Wetin be that black big thing? Na tinubu cause this disrespect to Nigeria jollof so, these people nor sabi our worth again!”



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