Four Yahoo boys die of drug overdose while celebrating successful deal in Bayelsa

Four Yahoo boys die of drug overdose while celebrating successful deal

Four suspected Yahoo boys died in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State capital after taking an overdose of strange illicit drugs.

The deceased yahoo boys were said to be celebrating a financial breakthrough around 12 noon along Nasco Egei road after taking the pills.

One Mavin who claimed to be their friend alleged that they were poisoned while trying to secure the release of the corpse of one of the victims, Favour, aged 19, an indigene of the Southern Ijaw Local Government area.

In his words, “We believe that they were poisoned. We are here at Ekeki Police Station in the company of Favour’s father to secure the release of his corpse for burial. But it is proving difficult after swearing to an affidavit.

We gathered that they ate food that they ordered which was delivered by a logistics motorbike and they died. One of them who was in the toilet however survived because he did not eat from the meal.”

Another friend of the victims, who spoke anonymously said, “the deceased were awake when we forced the security man to open the gate to their residence. Nelson (one of the deceased) was sitting on the chair but his head was on the ground with his vomit.

Richie (another deceased) has his computer tab on his hand and Yazz showed he was struggling. It clearly showed that they were poisoned.”

The State Commissioner of Police, Benjamin Okolo, however, confirmed the death of the four youths and attributed it to a drug overdose.

“They died of a drug overdose. It is quite unfortunate that they administered the drug themselves. They were five and the one that survived told us that the deceased took two pills each while he took one. This was why they died,” he said.

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