First glimpse at wedding of Moses Bliss and wife, Marie Wiseborn sparks a buzz

A sneak peek at the wedding of the renowned Nigerian gospel singer, Moses Bliss and his partner, Marie Wiseborn stirs attention from social media users.

The Christian celebrity couple tied the knot on Thursday, February 29, 2024, in Ghana, and footage from the event started circulating online.

 wedding of Moses Bliss and wife, Marie Wiseborn

Marie’s first glimpse on her wedding day was captured in a video shared on Instagram by @bellanaijawedding. In the footage, the bride looked radiant in a modest blue traditional gown adorned with pink accents.

Marie opted for a simple look, with her natural hair elegantly styled atop her head and minimal makeup.

First glimpse at wedding of Moses Bliss and wife, Marie Wiseborn sparks a buzz

In one video clip, the bride was surrounded by her friends who offered heartfelt prayers for her and her union with Moses Bliss. With closed eyes, Marie joined in prayer, communicating with God alongside her friends.

Reactions trailing the first glimpse at the wedding of Moses Bliss and his wife, Marie

divadorc05 wrote: “The real daughter of Zion …very natural looking makeup.”

kellykash16 said: “Camera man doesn’t pray?”

unic_steph penned: “I’m glad she didn’t hide this beautiful hair under a wig.”

Akpanaabua opined: “The peace that oozes out from just seeing this girl.”

thefoodnetworknig2 stated: “The real kingdom wedding…”

chuks_11111 emphasized: “She’s beautiful no Doubt. But I don’t just understand this dress. It’s annoying me .”

toksiebabes wrote: “I’m tearing up here……she’s taken every single step of this journey in God. May your marriage and home be blessed by God whom you have honoured in this journey.”

omo.bee added: “See beauty!!! See modesty!!!!! No cleavage outside!!! See her ladies toooo! Common! Let your dressing show your love for Jesus!”

Watch the video below …