“Filthy hands” – Nigerians react to video of prophet Odumeje lifting an Ostensorium of the blessed sacrament (Video)

A viral video of a Nigerian clergyman, Prophet Odumeje holding and lifting the blessed sacrament in a church in Delta state has sparked a great controversy online.

prophet odumeje blessed sacrament

The viral video that was shared captured the moment thr activity was carried out. Prophet Odumeje was dressed in a Catholic-likr chasuble lifting the monstrance with some Catholic priest in a church which is alleged to be located in Delta state.

However, Nigerians have condemned this act and have questioned the Catholic Church for allowing him conduct such sacred activity with his “filthy hands”.

Watch the video below;

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@ninaz.blog_I thought only ordained priests are allowed to touch the blessed sacrament?

@anniesam98_ This is a mockery of the catholic doctrine if you want to form your church do as you please no need copying and thereby mocking other people’s faith/doctrine. This video really pissed me off ? mtchewww.

@b3rants_ How is he carrying the blessed sacrament, I think everything is now a joke in this country

@aneterr_a_ Can you imagine touching the blessed sacrament with such filthy hands???? The church and things of the church are no longer regarded as sacred entities. It is finished!!? Our priests are bec.oming huge jokes!

@janeamaada_What is the world turning into exactly? Which day did Catholics begin to allow anyone touch the blessed sacrament. No values left anymore in anything sad asf

@cyndy_la_creamy_ Catholic priests am ashamed of una
Just imagine the impudence ????see who you gave this blessed sacrament ?chukwu aj

@missomaeze_This is so wrong! looks like a movie though. That doesn’t look like what a typical alter in the catholic church would look like. Plus he’s in Plain clothes. No Reverend father would let him do that! If not, the POPE must hear this. lol

@bizzys3112_This is not Catholic Church a blessed sacrament can not be open and people will be standing with members standing at the alter it fake


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