Female engineering graduate achieves flawless record with 10 straight A’s and perfect CGPA of 5.0

Ifeoluwa Ajetumobi, a female mechanical engineering graduate, has earned widespread admiration and acclaim for achieving a perfect Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 5.0.

The young Nigerian scholar shared her extraordinary accomplishment on Twitter, where it quickly became a source of inspiration and celebration.

Ifeoluwa’s academic journey culminated in a stunning performance during her final year at the university, where she undertook a rigorous academic load of ten courses.

Notably, she excelled in each one, including her final year project, earning distinctions in every subject.

The courses encompassed a range of challenging subjects, such as leadership dynamics, engineering valuation, engineering management, heat transfer, production engineering, material handling and equipment, and total man concept X.

Sharing her remarkable achievement with the world, Ifeoluwa posted an image of her academic record on Twitter, showcasing her impeccable grades.

She wrote;

My mom just saw my final semester result and shouted ‘Haa! Balleeeerrrr!’ God, thanks! Officially a graduate!”

Netizen Reactions..

@rhevah_wrld said;  “Congratulations. I receive this kind of good news in Jesus’ name.”

@essay_liner commented; “This girl dey get As for engineering courses. She go sabi handle tools walahi.”

@adesina_tito said; “It’s not easy, congrats.” 

@onwuneme_ asked: “What if someone gets a B in that 0 unit course does it affect the GPA?”

@Sharafa224 said;  “Even at zero units your excellence still shouts louder. Congratulations!” 

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