“I was at their wedding, naming, and at court” – Felix Duke accuses Emeka Ike’s wife of lying, blasts Shan George

The President of Creative Industry Group (CIG), Felix Duke accuses the ex-wife of the well-known actor Emeka Ike, Suzanne Emma of lying about issues in their marriage.

Duke disclosed this in a post via his official Instagram page in response to the recent turmoil surrounding the collapse of the Nollywood actor’s marriage.

Felix duke
Felix Duke

He mentioned that he had been involved in attempts to resolve the marital crisis from the beginning, as Emeka was a close friend before his marriage.

Duke arranged a meeting with the former couple before they went to court, and they met at a hotel in Ogudu, Kosofe Local Government Area, Lagos State.

Despite Suzanne Emma acting like everything was fine during the meeting, Duke revealed that after she left, the couple fell back into a crisis. He emphasized that all his efforts to reconcile them were in vain, as Emma refused to heed his pleas, having already made up her mind to end the marriage for reasons known only to her.

emeka ike
Emeka Ike

Felix Duke shares his relationship with Emeka Ike and his ex-wife, Suzanne Emma

“When Emma took Emeka to court, I was there. I went to court with Emeka. Emeka truly loved this woman but I believe she never loved him the way he loved her. From day one before Emeka met Emma, I have been friends with him.

“When he met Emma, he called me and told me, that it was so many years ago. He said there is this girl I met and I would want you to meet her and he brought Emma and introduced her to me. I was at their marriage when they had Micheal (first child), I was at the naming, Emeka was also at my marriage so many years ago. So we have been friends.

Suzanne Emma emeka ike's ex-wife
Suzanne Emma

“I can tell you what Emeka went through. He was depressed after Emma left him, crying every day. I pet him and sometimes weep with him when he is crying.

“We kept praying together and I told him one day you will find love and he asked me: are you sure I will ever find love and I assured him he would.

“I followed Emeka to court and the judge told two of them to go outside the courtroom and talk and see if they can reconcile, but if they can’t, then they come back in, and he declared his judgment.

“When the judge told them that; myself, Emeka Ike and his wife, went out, and Emeka knelt down right in my presence to beg Emma, I even joined Emeka to beg her, but she refused.”

Speaking on the allegations of losing property to ex-wife

“Emma abandoned the school to run down because she was already out of the marriage. Emeka did not know that she was out of the marriage. Emeka still thought that he had a wife in Emma,” he said.

Addressing the behaviour of Emeka Ike’s son, Michael

Felix stated, “He will go on social media to insult his father. Tomorrow he will go and beg his father. How is he going to erase all the nonsense he already said on social media?

“He expects his father to forgive him and take him back after all these? His mother pushed him to go and say rubbish against his father. This is to show that Emma isn’t a good woman. Who will want to do this to her son?”

Calling out Shan George for supporting Emma

“Has she visited Emeka Ike and his wife in their home at Magodo or did she ever visit their school? How did she know that Emma did not do anything wrong to Emeka?

“How can one person that doesn’t know anything about this whole saga, just wake up and begin to talk, because she wants to trend?”

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