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“Fat fool” — Tonto Dikeh ridicules Foluke Daramola for siding Churchill

Famous actress, Tonto Dikeh, tags her senior colleague, Foluke Daramola as a ‘fat fool’ for taking sides with her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill.

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Foluke Daramola had engaged a troll in a back-to-back exchange over her stance on the drama between Olakunle Churchill and his ex-wife. She emphasized how Tonto Dikeh does not understand the implication of her actions on her son.

The exchange between Foluke Daramola and Tonto’s fan

foluke daramola

@folukedaramolasalako: “My own one and only brother”
@temidayo2832: “Advise your only brother to pay school fees and show Teller…. Not dose obsoletes evidence…it is well with him.”

@folukedaramolasalako: “arinu rode olumoran Okan do u live with them that u know everything???!! Abeg rest of do like u, if u are blinded by the fake love u have for his partner those of us that are his friends should stop being his friends or family abi???! Abeg shift”
@temidayo2832: “only a low mnntality uses Abuse as a defense strategy….He has been showing receipt..he should how fees receipts..it’s not too much to ask..since he has started it already.”

@folukedaramolasalako: “really?? Very funny so he should start saving receipts and showing u pls as what??? If only the mother understands the implications of these things being done. But unfortunately what is insane is now the norm.

So sad. U had better advice her mentor to move on I have been a single mother b4 and I don’t expose my children to bitter people like this, there had been love and fond memories at a point in time and a life at that, that should be respected all this back and forth is just unnecessary.

Something’s are appreciated being kept secret. @olakunlechurchill is my friend and brother that I respect his privacy so I will not go to the g tter with u on what’s his personal life. Think b4 u write.”

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Tonto Dikeh reacted

In reaction to the opinion by Foluke Daramola, Tonto Dikeh took to her Instagram story to body shame her by calling her a fool for taking sides with Olakunle Churchill.

“@folukedaramolasalako We can all be mad since this scumbag thinks she knows my story better than I do. I fear and avoid you guys.
I avoid these yourba actresses because I don’t have power to sleep in shrine, plss as I avoid you avoid me. If the fans provoke you fight the fan don’t involve me..,” she wrote in part.

On her Instagram story, she referred to her senior colleague as a ‘fat fool’ twice while thrashing her take.

"Fat fool" — Tonto Dikeh ridicules Foluke Daramola for siding Churchill "Fat fool" — Tonto Dikeh ridicules Foluke Daramola for siding Churchill

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