“Fastest way to destroy your life” – Williams Uchemba addresses viral video of Yahoo boys in shrine

Famous actor and comedian, Williams Uchemba reacts to a troubling video showcasing Yahoo Boys involved in money ritual practices in a shrine.

Taking to his Instagram and Facebook platforms, Uchemba shared the video depicting these young men identifying themselves as ‘Yahoo Plus’ practitioners using occult methods to attract clients.

williams uchemba

Reacting, Uchemba criticized the youths’ pursuit of quick wealth through such nefarious means while emphasizing the grave consequences.

The actor revealed how this approach to wealth accumulation is a transaction with the devil that exacts a heavy toll before granting them such money.

Williams Uchemba warned that individuals following such paths are steering themselves toward eternal damnation. He also addressed the curiosity of many who doubt the legitimacy of juju, asserting that it is real and exists as claimed.

"Fastest way to destroy your life" - Williams Uchemba addresses viral video of Yahoo boys in shrine

“THIS IS THE FASTEST WAY TO DESTROY YOUR LIFE. When you hear the sins of the fathers that is passed down to their children, this is it. These guys are the fathers and they are creating generational curses for their children unborn. In case you are young and looking to follow this path, I have just one thing to say to you, IT WONT END WELL,” he captioned the video.

Watch the video below …