Earlier, we shared a video on our Facebook page stating that a groom confronted his supposed bride for cheating on him with his groomsmen.

The skitmaker, Olarinoye Sodiq, confirmed this in a post on his Tiktok account.

According to him, he acted out scenes for people to learn about the consequences of infidelity.

“It’s just a skit but I’m just trying to make it to you so that you can learn from it… (sic),” reads his response on TikTok to a comment on the video. “…for the comedian to do a video perfect like this just to make people learn, I think it’s a great work (sic)”.

We have now confirmed that we erred and it was a comedy skit meant to showcase infidelity in our society.

We apologize for misleading our audience in the since deleted video and we will strive harder not to repeat the error in future.


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