Fact check: “Regina Daniels return my N1M ASAP, I don’t want wahala!” – Jaruma blows hot

Earlier today, 4th November 2021, we made a report as regards Jaruma ordering the Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels to return her N1M ASAP to avoid problems.

Jaruma Regina Daniels N1M However, upon a second review, we have realized that Jaruma only made a repost for the Instagram page that called out Regina Daniels and not Jaruma doing the calling out.

Jaruma made the repost for @_everythingbody_2 who requested a refund of N1M for a breach of contract between his/her brand and Regina Daniels.

Jaruma Regina Daniels N1M

We apologize for the misleading content and solely take responsibility for our actions.

For the purpose of clarity, check out the post below: