Face of married lady who wanted to collect husband’s phone to see who was calling him at 11pm causes buzz online

A distressing incident has surfaced online, highlighting the ordeal of a married lady whose husband allegedly battered her face for trying to collect his phone.

The heartbreaking story, shared by Odey Godwin Boss on Facebook, has sparked outrage and garnered widespread attention on social media.

According to the provided narrative, the lady, whose identity remains undisclosed, attempted to collect her husband’s phone to check who was calling him around 11 PM.

However, the situation took a distressing turn as she was purportedly met with violence, leaving her visibly injured and in a state of shock.

The accompanying photo shared online depicts the lady cradling her infant child.

“Just because she wanted to collect her husband’s phone to see who was calling arounf 11PM that’s why her face was defaced by hubby,” the post reads.

The heartbreaking post has ignited a flurry of reactions on social media, with netizens expressing a range of emotions from anger to sadness.  Many have voiced their outrage at the brutality inflicted upon the lady.

Netizens Reactions…

Chinenye Jeff said; “I don’t know what people see marriage as. Marriage is not a bondage, it is a union of two people who came together to become one. to love and share things in common. Why hiding things from each other? I have access to my husband’s phone as much as he has to mine. People should stop supporting nonsense.”

Akindejoye Bridget said; “If you can not have access to your spouse phone that is no more marriage both of you have separated unknowingly.”

Awoyinka Rafiat Oluwabunmi said; “Just very unfortunate the way very many men carry their phone is not the same way they carry their marriage and I just wonder

Priscilla Ada said; “I dey use my husband phone any time I want, Notting is happening.”

Bright Johnson said; “You will not tell the truth.”

James Oluba said; “She will learn lesson against next time.”

Grace James said; “Can’t my gender concrete on their own phone’s, always vigilant for side chic, road they retired from.”

Precious Kalu said; “woman you don’t have right over your husband phones ooo please keep off oooo.if you need Peace in your life or in your marriage.”

Becky Prince said; “See this fine woman.”

Priscillia Eke said; “That Man is a foolish man.”

Bright Young said; “He’s not matured enough to put woman under his roof.

For the fact that he can pregnant a woman does not qualify him for marriage.

I was once like him, years back, Though there no perfect marriage, but with wisdom and maturity u can handle minor, issues like this”

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