Eyewitnesses run for life as armed robbers carry out their operation in broad daylight in Benin

Chaos breaks out on the streets of Benin as armed robbers storm an establishment to carry out their operation in broad daylight.

A video that is currently going online shows the moment the armed men were storming off after completing their operation.

armed robbers benin
Armed Robbers.

They could be seen getting in their getaway ash car, moving in reverse as they let out warning rounds to scare off folks who wanted to try stopping them.

One eyewitness could be heard screaming that the robbers were armed with AK 47, and sure enough, the report from their rifle proved it to an automatic gun.

The reporter who shared the video on Tiktok wrote …

“Omo see as criminals robbed in hot afternoon in Benin city today God really save out life today.”

Reactions have followed …

Dubem alonso asked: “We’re the police men and Nigeria Army”

Legend remarked: “Una run finish de shout block road block road 😂”

mathewokoh78 said: “why are you ppl running,mumu ppl una dey witness where dey fire gun sorry for u ppl.”

Declan Rice_41 🇬🇧 wrote: “no be that same Benin way day shout shout say them get doings 😂😂😂 noise makers”

GENERALMONNI said: “What is wrong in this country 🫢 instead of you to confront them you dey video why you be man? If I say make I sue u now una go say I dey oppress 😒”

Watch video below …


Ak 47 na ur mate men clear road for them #fyp #foryou #viral #viralvideo

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