Ex-Boko Haram terrorists protest in Borno state over non-payment of their allowance (Video)

Some Ex-Boko Haram terrorists on Friday, August 18, stormed the streets of Borno state to protest over non-payment of their allowance. 

The former terrorists who are being held at Hajj Camp in Borno after surrendering to the Nigerian government, caused a gridlock after blocking Bulumkutu-Maiduguri highway during the protest.

Ex-Boko Haram terrorists protest in Borno state over non-payment of their allowance
Photo from the scene of the protest

They accused the federal government of withholding the N30,000 allowance they were promised.

Watch video below:

The Video of the protest has sparked outrage on social media as Nigerians berate Former President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration for paying the ex-terrorists while Doctors embark on numerous strikes.

See some reactions gathered below:

Mhizberry111 wrote; “So Buhari was paying terrorist allowance while Doctors and co never chop?? Blood of Jesus!! Which kind country is this?? Isn’t it time them split this country??”

Waziri_anambra wrote; “And you say one Nigeria, hmmm I don’t preach agitation though but what happens to Biafra agitators in the southern part of the country specifically southeast, where they given the same recognition from the state government?”

Tobymartins wrote; “This is beyond a protest, what this means is that Buhari was paying this alarming number of individuals 30k of taxpayers money, monthly, people who killed, raped, looted, destroyed communities, etc. These people who are supposed to be sorry for their evil fed fat for a while to have the boldness to come out and demand free 30K for being forgiven for their dastardly and terrorist act!!!! What a shame. What a big shame on the Buhari government and the APC.”

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