“Everyone avoided her” – Girl shunned by coursemates for obeying pastor’s strange order

A Nigerian man has shared the story of a young girl who acted like an ‘outcast’ in school after receiving a stern instruction from her pastor.

The man with the handle @dexterouz11 on X, said the lady always stayed alone in class and nobody talked to her.

Despite not being a new student, she was sadly on the same level with her younger colleagues because of the excessive carryovers she had.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that the lady’s pastor advised her to avoid talking to people in school and to always keep to herself.

The pastor said that her academic setbacks were caused by someone in school.

The man wrote; “My neighbour that just started university has been telling me about a girl in the class always on her own. Nobody talked to her and she didn’t talk to anybody. She asked around and they said she wasn’t a new student but why people didn’t relate with her was what she didn’t understand.

“Later she got to know that the girl carried over many courses and her pastor told her to avoid people in school because she didn’t know who was causing the academic setback. Religion is really killing this country.”

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