Enugu teacher resigns after 6 years, sad letter he leaves stuns many

A resignation letter from a heartbroken primary school teacher in Enugu has surfaced on social media, sparking widespread reactions.

The letter, dated October 2, was addressed to the executive chairman of the Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board (ENSUBEB) and was penned by Okoro John, an educator at Central School Opanda in Enugu.

In the letter shared on Facebook by journalist Wisdom Nwedene, Okoro John, who commenced his teaching role on February 13, 2017, expressed regret over choosing a career in primary education.

Enugu teacher resigns after 6 years, sad letter he leaves stuns many

He bemoaned the challenges he faced at Central School Opanda and suggested that he would have achieved more if he had embarked on a different professional journey.

The disgruntled teacher particularly highlighted the issue of low remuneration, stating that despite the prevailing economic hardships, he was only receiving a monthly salary of N43,000.

This, according to Okoro, is insufficient to meet basic needs and navigate the financial challenges of the times.

Okoro John also lamented the missed opportunities for personal and professional growth, stating that he could have accomplished more if he had pursued alternative career paths instead of dedicating his time to teaching.

The letter reads;

“I Okoro John who was employed on 13th day of February, 2017, solemnly wish to resign as a teacher from Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board.

I am happy writing this and I regret been a primary school teacher. If I started my journey as an apprentice when I started this work, I could have gone far in business.

I can’t combine both work and business, rather I give way to people who need it. What has #43,000 do in this type of economic hardship. I pay house rent, I will feed myself and family, build house and even buy a car.

Please do the needful to others so that primary school teacher and education will be great again.

Netizens Reactions…

Promise Uzoma Okoro said; “Very touching.”

Onoja Friday said; “So unfortunate.”

Solomon Alanso said; “When you get to this place in Enugu umulokpa you will see heal.”

Humphery Nweze said; “Let’s see how much he’ll be making from his business every month. Nobody wants to start small.”

Kachi China Ola said; “Humphery Nweze there’s no indication that the writer started big, he sure started very little and for six years, he has nth to show for it; starting little entails that you start from somewhere with hope of making it bigger sooner. My dear, with all said and done, that’s not starting little, but stagnation.”

Abigail Wilfred Chimnoyerem said; “I need two reactions to this post The fact that he wasted his time on a career that would’ve been the most rewarding but not so in this country. “And for the way he outlined the letter to whom it may concern, the truth is that those in charge do not have any conscience left for good and justice.” 

Humblelife Awak said; “Sad reality of our current nation that our Heroes past left in our hands.” 

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